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Quality Policy

Pushing ahead with grueling schedules, punishing deadlines and a raging desire to be beyond competition roles sets the bar high for quality standards.

Each stage of manufacturing at Rolex Rings reflects a profound presence of excellence in quality.
To meet the most exacting requirements of the most demanding client, we have an array of sophisticated technology to ensure the best of quality. High precision measuring instruments such as spectrometer, electronic microscope, CMM, Contour measuring, Machine Profile Projector, surface roughness tester etc. lay down the foundation for the quality of our products.

Quality assurance activities for the manufacture of all the products of our plants are closely coordinated at the following stages.

  1. Raw Material
  2. Statistical process control at the will press/machining
  3. Acceptance test of forgings
  4. Process and product quality audits
  5. Packing
  6. Transportation

Our employees contribute to the zero defect strategy.

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